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How to Stay Healthy This School Year

With school back in session it is inevitable new viruses will find their way into your home. Here are some tips to keep your immune system strong and your family healthy:


Did you know the recommended water intake for a healthy individual is 1/3 their body weight in ounces per day? Drinking adequate water, or herbal tea, is essential in helping your body get rid of unwanted toxins, waste, and viruses.


Being well rested is a cornerstone to optimal health. If you continually have less sleep or poor quality of sleep, a cascade of unfortunate events can follow. Poor sleep can not only lead to a weakened immune system but can also cause weight gain, lack of concentration, and altered mood. While you sleep, your immune system produces cytokines, which are the substances that fight harmful infections.


Elderberry, Sambucus nigra, is a must have in your medicine cabinet. It is incredibly effective for upper respiratory infections, it’s an antioxidant, a general antiviral, but it also has a wonderful sweet and tart taste. This berry syrup can safely be used at almost any age, with appropriate dosing. Studies have shown this syrup is effective for shortening the duration of upper respiratory infections and speeding up recovery in patients with influenza A.


B vitamins are critical for preventing illness, optimizing cell function, and providing better quality sleep. B vitamins are used in almost every cellular reaction in the body, so staying on a regular B vitamin regimen is critical to preventing illness, staying energized, focused, and happy!


Contrast what? I cannot begin to list how many times this simple process has improved and cured various different ailments; sore throat, aching shoulder, folliculitis, the list goes on an on! So what is this magical process? Contrast hydrotherapy is: alternating hot and cold water on an affected area. Sore throat, cough, sinus pressure? Patients have seen improvement in symptoms if 3 minutes of hot water, followed by 30 seconds of cold, repeated three times in the affected area daily during infection. This therapy is not recommended for any patients with neuropathy or nerve damage.


  • Virattack by Herbpharm

  • Immune Boost Injection or an Immune support IV at Origins Integrative Medicine (

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin D

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