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Supporting Your Body Post-Viral Infection


Are you feeling physically and mentally depleted following a viral infection? Here are a few steps that you can take to boost your energy and brain function while also helping to clear inflammation left behind after an illness.

》Drink plenty of water + add electrolytes.

Proper hydration is essential to flushing out toxins that were produced while your body was fighting an infection. Add electrolytes (such as Nuun tablets) to promote cellular energy production.

》Load up on antioxidant rich foods.

Support your immune system's ability to repair cells & detoxify by enjoying foods rich in antioxidants: Dark leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, dark berries, citrus fruits, green tea, garlic, turmeric, fresh herbs and adaptogenic mushrooms.

》Move your body everyday.

30-60 minutes of moderate exercise per day helps to stimulate blood & lymphatic flow, bring oxygen and nutrients to cells, clear toxins, stimulate endorphins and boost energy.

》Get a good night's rest.

Restful sleep allows your body to focus on repairing cells and breaking down + removing toxins. Take these steps to promote a good night's rest:

• Avoid eating a full 3 hours prior to bedtime to keep blood sugar balanced while you sleep.

• Disengage from all screens at least 1 hour before bed. Instead read a book, snuggle with a pet or write in a gratitude journal.

• Make sure your bedroom is completely dark.

• Practice deep breathing or meditation. (Try the CALM app.)

》Come by the office for a vitamin injection or IV Infusion!

Our favorite post-illness shots are The Detox, Mega B & Lymph Love.

In need of more support to get back to feeling like yourself again?

Book an appointment with one of our doctors for a comprehensive treatment plan that's individualized to your needs.

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