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Back to School Health

Here we are's Back To School Time!

With all the changes that have occurred over the past year, life can often feel a bit chaotic and out of sorts. In times like these it is especially important to make your and your family's health a priority to help ensure that you can stay well & energized to face whatever challenges come your way.

Here are a few family friendly tips & recipes to help you manage through these challenging times:

  • Keep a predictable & structured routine. Post it for everyone to see.

  • Stay connected with friends & loved ones, even if just via phone, letters & Zoom. 

  • Encourage conversation and listen, validate and empathize with one another.

  • Teach your children how to be self-sufficient in making their own healthy snacks & lunches and helping with tidying up and cleaning. 

  • Encourage movement, exercise & stretching for the whole family. 

  • Make time for your own self-care. >> Get an IV Vitamin Infusion!

  • When feeling anxious or frustrated take 5 deep breathes to calm your central nervous system:

Deep belly breath in for 7 seconds. 

Hold for 4 seconds.

Deep belly breath out for 7 seconds. 

Repeat 5 times.

Family Friendly Recipes

Boost Your Health w/ IV Vitamin Infusions

In times of stress, your body is hard at work managing and regulating your stress response. This results in quick depletion of your vitamin and mineral stores. 

This is one of the reasons why we LOVE vitamin IV infusions! They help to restore your nutrient supply so that your body can function at peak performance! Give us a call to learn more about IV Infusion Treatments: 805.203.6877

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