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What is Client Bill? 

Quest Diagnostics offers doctors' offices a physician price which we extend to our patients at no extra cost. We call this Client Bill.

Those with non-medicare plans may opt for Client Bill due to competitive pricing options.

If you are currently on a Medicare/MediCal (ie. CenCal) health insurance plan, your doctor will recommend that you have labs drawn through Quest Diagnostics' Client Bill program, or that you request that a covered provider order labs for you. To clarify, ALL Medicare/MediCal/CenCal plans (including those with supplemental plans) do not offer any coverage for services ordered by the Naturopathic Doctors at our practice. Despite the fact that many patients have experienced a vast array of benefits from Naturopathic services, Medicare still deems these services medically unnecessary and makes it challenging to access coverage. This lack of coverage unfortunately extends to visits, treatments, and lab testing.

Here are some of Origins’ most commonly ordered labs and their Client Bill prices for reference:



Lipid Panel

Iron Panel




















Cortisol AM

Free T3

Free T4


Vitamin D

Vitamin B12

Draw Fee











*click here to view Quest's self-pay rates for non-insurance rates

Next Steps


  1. Contact us with any questions, if you'd like an estimate for your Client Bill panel (the above list is not exhaustive), and/or if you need to change your billing selection: or text/call: 805 560 1977.

  2. If you've selected the Client Bill option, look out for an email from Origins Integrative Medicine 1-2 months after your blood draw, and submit payment promptly online or over the phone. If you have a card on file, please look out for a charge from Origins Integrative Medicine on your statement.

An alternative route would be to request that a doctor covered by your insurance order labs for you. In this case, please contact your doctor’s office and billing department.

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